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Duplex Builders

A duplex development provides 2 dwellings on a single house lot. This means that the cost of land per dwelling is halved. If you are building in high-density areas such as busy cities or on more expensive waterfront property, this type of home can be a great investment option for the future. Mahoney Constructions offers families looking to build a new home the option of building a duplex on their land. Duplex construction is seen as a low cost way of achieving higher housing density and adding value to the existing home site. More and more property developers are looking at duplex as a reliable and less risky investment strategy, compared to the traditional medium density developments.

We have access to a highly skilled team of architects, designers, surveyors and town planners and have the ability to tackle any development project from the initial concept design through to final drawings, all compliant with local council and local authorities’ development conditions. Our high standard of customer service is matched by our network of trusted suppliers and contractors, which ensure we consistently, deliver high quality products. Recognising legal building requirements are paramount in delivering a successful safe build. Our team will ensure all safety and building requirements are adhered to without compromising the aesthetics of your build.

With Mahoney Constructions, you can build the home of your dreams. We devote our whole attention to your new house throughout the project. We specialise in custom designed houses and can provide a full architectural service to make sure your new house is exactly what you dreamed of.

Our solutions include all the services you need to turn your dream into a reality – quickly, simply, affordably, and to the highest quality. We personally guarantee that you will not be disappointed in our construction services. We have a pride in our successful portfolio of projects and we look forward to working with you soon.
We look forward to designing and or building your new luxury home.

For a professional no obligation quote please contact one of qualified staff members on 07 3888 6013 or 0419789189.


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